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Descendants of John Flaherty Born June 13, 1638 in Cork Ireland Died July 17, 1729 in Maryland
The Fleharty Family Tree from Ireland to the US

These pages begin as a tribute to the published work of Stephen Terrell Fleharty II and others who have contributed many years of research and many miles of travel to accumulate the data here. This site will be designed to be an interactive site that you can provide information and pictures to add to the collection. The thought is that the work will be carried on for future generations by the continuing efforts of those who visit these pages. If you have updates or pictures, we would love to have your input, please visit our submission page if you wish to contribute. The following preface is taken from the work of Stephen Terrell Fleharty


It is a well-stated truth that no matter how long a person searches for Genealogical information about his ancestral relatives he/she never completely finishes. Nevertheless it is time to assemble and write about what has been found.

The search has been in many of the mainland states of the United States. The first data was that which my grandfather Stephen Terrell Fleharty had assembled. Later it was disclosed that others in his generation had been searching also. These were Margaret Jane Fleharty Titus, George Lancaster Fleharty, Alva Judson Fleharty and Grace Mabel Fleharty Wallace. Grace had gathered information sought by her for about 30 years. This was most valuable. I am especially grateful for the kindness of her daughter Sally Wallace Glass, Galesburg, Illinois for allowing me an access to these data. Ralph Charles Fleharty, Pollock Pines, California, of the Bennett Earle Fleharty line searched and assembled data on his ancestral connections.

All of these were descendents of William and Margaret Withgott Fleharty This pair had made entries in a large family Bible that had been printed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1789. It is referred to as the "Withgott Bible". Stephen Withgott Fleharty was the eldest son of William and Margaret and the Bible passed down to his grandson Alva Judson Fleharty and then to Alva's grandson George Chandler Fleharty, San Mateo, California where the Bible is at the time of this writing in 1994.

The objective of this work has been twofold--first, to satisfy a desire of my own to learn about the source of my family and, second, to have the same available to the children of my wife and me.

This information is available to others without restriction except that it not add to my costs or the 25 years that it has taken.

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It is my goal that the work of others before us is carried on and passed on to those who are inclined to learn about their family history. To further this accumulation of history of the Fleharty Family I am establishing this library of information to be shared with future generations. My hope is that others will find this page and be able to add their pictures or update their bio's. As we fill in the gaps in the online version we should be able to compile a semi-complete version that is interacting. Still not sure about whether or not a password/signup sheet should be required before viewing all the files. And if anyone wants to offer help or assistance, feel free to contact me. E-mail is the best way to reach me regarding these pages.

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